About Me: On the internet and in print I go by the pen name of ShinuBambi, or just Bambi.  I mention “in print” because I actually contribute to a print fanzine called Sunday Morning Justice, that I make with my boyfriend (who goes by the pen name of ShinuZero), and a friend of his (who goes by the pen name of ShinuYami).  I’ve never been one for pseudonyms but they told me I needed one to be part of the gang.  So here I am.  I frequent a lot of anime/comic book conventions in the Atlanta area, manning a table with my dad who goes by his real name, Greg Carter.  He has a slew of his own comics which are available online, his primary one being Love is in the Blood. Mostly I hock my handmade bows and other tchotchkies at the table, but now I’ve got a zine to sell.  You can learn more about Sunday Morning Justice by checking out our tumblr or just email me at shinubambi@gmail.com.

About the scribbles: Zero and Yami are amazing artists who draw beautiful comics for the zine.  I draw, well, you’ve seen how I draw.  It might not look it, but I’m trying my hardest when I draw these pages.  My contributions to Sunday Morning Justice are primarily made up of recipes and random DIY projects. But I want to be at least a sub par artist who draws reasonably nice looking comics some day.  I’m not anywhere near there yet.  So I’ve decided that every day I will force myself to draw SOMETHING, write SOMETHING, etc. even if it’s simply what I had for lunch or what sweater I wore.  Maybe I will be able to improve my skills.  Maybe it will just be nice to have something to look back on.  Anyway, it is a productive way to indulge in my most favourite thing in the world– myself.